New Ownership

  • Thursday, 17th June, 2021
  • 10:05am

Hey everyone!

Today, I've got an announcement that I want to make. Recently, some rumors have been going around that Snowside was looking to sell, or in same cases, people were saying that we were closing down. Let me be the first to clear up any confusion and calm your concerns. At no point during the past three months have Wake or I considered closing Snowside. We have actually been looking for other companies that might be interested in acquiring us. However, we didn't want to outright sell it and leave our customers in the dust.

Through many discussions with different possibilities, we are excited to announce that we have located new ownership that will continue building our dreams. Today, I want to announce that the Snowside ownership is changing. The company will be now owned by Jon. Jon is an incredible individual who we believe will continue to allow Snowside to grow. Their vision is simple: keep things the same, add high quality hardware, and expand the company. But don't worry! Wake and I aren't going anywhere!

Now, what does that mean for the customers? Nothing. Other than the ownership change, Wake and I will stay remain around, we will still have input with how the company is run, and we will still be working with our customers to continue to expand just as we have been doing with you for months. This ownership change allows Wake and I to focus on our personal lives while also still having a chance to help with the company. Recently, Wake took on a job that has him gone Monday through Friday from 7AM to 3PM (or later). I've not had a lot of time to devote to my developing career, nor to my college studies. So, to reclarify, Snowside is being sold, however, Wake and I will stay remain around.
In the coming weeks, you're going to see some changes. Firstly, Jon's first order of business is going to be acquiring more hardware to allow Snowside to start taking orders again. This has already been put into motion and we expect to have more space available very soon. Secondly, with us being out of space in our current rack, you will probably see some downtime (less than an hour) in the coming weeks to allow for Snowside to be expanded into a bigger rack which will allow more hardware. Thirdly, you're most likely going to see some changes in the way in which some of the hardwhere is setup. Nima, Izuro, and Niro will most likely all be getting RAM and storage upgrades (possibly alongside 10GbE). All of this will solidify our promise to you: to be transparent and provide the best possible services for you.

For our partners: Jon is extremely excited to begin working with you and continuing to grow with each of you. None of the partnerships that Snowside has or will be changing. Jon intends to honor these commitments and have even expressed interest in giving them more. They will be in touch with each of our partners to introduce themselves.

So, these changes won't really affect you. The same people will be on the team, however, Snowside has picked up two new individuals to be added to the team. I hope you all have a great day, and if you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!

Jake Hamblin

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