A note from our new leadership

  • Thursday, 17th June, 2021
  • 10:37am

Hello everyone! My name is Jon, and as you may or may not know - I am one of the new Owners of Snowside Hosting. Our friend Jake posted an announcement just a short time ago about leadership changes - if you haven't already read that, please read more here.


First of all, I want to settle any worries or fears that you may have. I understand that some of you will be concerned about this recent development, however let me calm your worries and tell you a little bit about what we are doing starting today and our plans over the next several weeks and months. 


  • Starting immediately: we are in negotiations with our current datacenter provider to increase our space we have available in our racks. We have a good relationship with them and expect to have more space available. 
  • We have a new server that we are introducing to the Snowside infrastructure that will allow us to reopen our orders again - this is a top priority for us right now.
  • We plan to add 10GbE network to all of our nodes
  • We plan to add resources (RAM and disks) to our nodes
  • Absolutely no changes will be made to your IP addresses, your packages, your coupon codes or your experience with Snowside Hosting. 


Most importantly: we are not making any changes to how all of our loyal customers have come to love Snowside Hosting - We commit to continue being a transparent provider, and giving you high quality service. We will have more financial backing to continue growing this community into the next stages of it's life!


So who are we? Well, as I've said - my name is Jon - I am a technology enthusiast that lives in the Charlotte, NC area. I first got involved with my very first WHM reseller back in 2007. I quickly grew an obsession with hosting and providing servers for customers. I hosted Teamspeak 2 and Ventrilo servers off my Dell desktop in my bedroom. Kudos to anyone if they remember the good ol' Vent days. This was back during Battlefield 2 and COD4 days (man I look back and realize how awesome those days were). Fast forward 14 years, and I still haven't found anything that I enjoyed as much. I run a technology consulting business as a side hustle, to help bridge the gap between technology and those that are less knowledgeable about the subject. I am a huge fan of cryptocurrency and excited to see how the blockchain will affect technology in the next 10-15 years. In my free time, I enjoy playing Rocket League and recently got back into BF4. That BF2042 trailer though.... 


So now that you guys know more about us, I would love to hear about you! Feel free to shoot me a message on Discord - our "doors" are always open and I am happy to take any questions, feedback or ideas that you may have moving forward. 


Have a beautiful rest of your days and be blessed! 


Your new friend,

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