Snowside Hosting partners with CosmicGuard!

  • Friday, 1st September, 2023
  • 15:47pm

It's with great pleasure that we get to share our new partnership with CosmicGuard.  As many of you know, or some that don't, we have been on a rapid growth plan and have tried every other service out there with very limited success and the high level of control and insights we demand in our network. 

As our network continued to grow we quickly saw a need for a new level of protection beyond the standard mitigation by null route.  While an effective solution, it also gives the attackers exactly what they want, downtime for the service.  

With the turn up of CosmicGuard on our network we are now able to offer:

  • 1-second mitigation time
  • 1-ms mitigation latency
  • 0 False positives
  • Terabit-scale capacity

We are proud to announce that this protection is active on our network right now for all Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Server, and Shared Hosting customers. Over the next few days we will be reaching out to colocation customers with available options to add this to your services.

We look forward to continuing to build the best network available to you.  We strive to maintain our Superior Support.  As always, please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.

Snowside Hosting Team 

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