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Included for free with your Colocation package is as follows:

  • General Button Pressing
  • Shipment Receiving and Unpacking
  • Initial Management Port Configuration
  • KVM On-Demand 2 hour sessions
  • Hot-Swap Bay Modifications
  • Initial Server Racking

Additional services offered for purchase with your Colocation package are as follows:

  • OS Reinstall: $25/each (First Install is Free)
  • Remote Hands Emergency (Outside of Business Hours including Weekends): $300/hour
  • Remote Hands Emergency (Within Business Hours): $200/hour
  • Remote Hands Non-Emergency: $125/hour
  • Deracking: $100/server + You must provide your own label to us. We will provide you package dimensions, weight, and the datacenter address so you can make the label. The label must be provided as a PDF.

Some information to define the pricing above:

  • Business Hours are defined as 10am to 6:30pm Monday - Friday.
  • Emergency is classified as the most urgent time frame. Emergency work is handled within 24 hours of the request being sent in, usually sooner.
  • Non-Emergency is classified as the "regular" time frame. These requests are handled within 1-5 business days
  • Deracking is handled under the Standard time frame. If you need expedited deracking, please contact us and we can see if it is available at the time of your request.

Some notes to make:

  • You are responsible for your data, hardware, and services with us. If you fail to pay your server bill within 24 hours of being due, we will suspend your service for 7 days (or until paid). After 7 days, your hardware will be deracked, held in storage, and you are subject to being charged a $50 fee to get the server back. After 30 days, we will consider the item abandoned and we will take ownership of the item. We will not release any hardware past due until your account balance due is met.

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